LitRPG a strange genre invaded us from Korea and Japan. VERY long multi-volume portal fantasy stories about an ordinary man transferred to the world of a video role-playing game. Sometimes he’s ported, sometimes he just plays 24/7. Then the hero starts to grind and push levels up.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by Heesung Nam is one of first works in this genre. Sword Art Online by Reki Kawahara is another. Of course, there were plenty of heroes sent to video game worlds before as well, but most of them didn’t grind or collected hitpoints.

There’s boom of such a books now in Russia. Some of this Russian series are translated to English and became Amazon bestsellers. It looks like this genre is one of rare chances to get gazillion of readers.

I guess the popularity of this genre is caused by crysis in game industry. Modern MMO RPG are so tricky and donation-based that a new player needs to be a superhero to reach the level where he can enjoy the game without donations.

The word itself is just short form for “Literature about Role Playing Game”. This strange abbreviation was name of serie for such a books, started by EKSMO Publishing (one of main publishing houses of Russia, that controls most of market).

Now this word appears even in Wikipedia. Oh boy, we influence the world again.