The tools I use in my writing routine.

Google Docs

Mobile version became kinda slow when document is 100+ pages. But it’s still the most portable and easy to use text editor with word counting and automatic backup to cloud.

I started to use it all the time since they replaces old ugly fonts with nice new ones. Web version is great.

Perfect and cross-platform choice.


  • Zoho Docs – yet another online document editor. For people who are afraid that Google will record the porn stuff they write.
  • Microsoft Word – old, still popular. Mobile version problems was fantastically slow when I tried to use Microsoft Drive. I don’t use it anymore.
  • Libre Office – a good alternative for Microsoft Word, even if you don’t use Linux. But putting backups is up for you.
  • Open Office – same advantages/disadventages Libre Office has. More features, so sometimes it’s slow.
  • Apple Pages – it’s free if you order a Mac book first. Very pretty fonts. Nothing more.
  • Sublime + Word Count plugin – minimalist, no web version

Google Calendar

Fills 2/3 of stuff I need from time management software. I use events to remember when I’m occupied and reminders to mark deadlines.

To get 100% from time management software just check it regular.

Google Keep

Another 1/3 for time management. I keep TODO-lists here.


The only software that shows you truth how useless you spend the time of your life. Highly recommended, only a few people will be brave enough to use it.